Statement concerning participation of the #2 Mercedes-AMG GT3, Mercedes-AMG Team HRT.

PRESS INFORMATION | 25 September, 2020 | Nürburg / Germany

Following the accident during yesterday’s night qualifying, Haupt Racing Team (HRT) and Mercedes-AMG are doing everything to get the #2 Mercedes-AMG back on track. The common goal is for the car to be able to participate in today’s Top Qualifying 1. 

To this end, Mercedes-AMG has brought in the chassis of a test car from Affalterbach last night. This was made available to HRT as a replacement and is currently being adapted including the still usable components from the crashed car. The procedure and the repair have been discussed with the race officials.

Because of the tight time frame, preparation of the car with starting number #2 is a huge challenge. However, Mercedes-AMG is relying on the high motivation and the quality of the mechanics. Yelmer Buurman, who drove the car at the time of the accident, is also unscathed, ready to race and highly motivated.